More than 500 staff experience in customer care, repair technic and knowledge, supply chain management, and service management.We serve walk-in consumer with expected hourly-count repair time and on-site (home) consumer with high completion on first time visit. All resources employed with related educational background and years of experience, intensively working as a team ensuring the best service experience: operations running on-track and customer satisfaction delivered on-time.

Customer Service Center

Service Customer Service Center 1 customer_care_center_4
Service Customer Service Center 2 customer_care_center_3
Service Customer Service Center 3 xiaomi
Service Customer Service Center 4 customer_care_center_5

Walk-In Onsite Repair

Service Walk-In Onsite Repair 1 walk_in_onsite_repair_3
Service Walk-In Onsite Repair 2 walk_in_onsite_repair_2
Service Walk-In Onsite Repair 3 walk_in_onsite_repair_1
Service Walk-In Onsite Repair 4 img_20160402_wa0082

B2B Online Instalation - Maintenance

Service B2B Online Instalation - Maintenance 1 b2b
Service B2B Online Instalation - Maintenance 2 b2b_2
Service B2B Online Instalation - Maintenance 3 b2b_4
Service B2B Online Instalation - Maintenance 4 b2b_3
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